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laundries in lebanon
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Savoy Industrial Laundry was founded in August 2010 by Engineer Mohamad Wissam Achour as a subsidiary of Achour Holding.

Logistically, the uniqueness of Savoy Laundry comes from being the only Industrial laundries in beirut; the liability that it offers in this field is due to the performance of a highly skilled team of industry related workers as well as the use of new generation machinery and the highest quality detergents in the market, all the while advancing in techniques and treating water through a reverse osmosis system.

After launching as an in-house Industrial laundry servicing the other holding subsidiaries, Savoy Laundry earned much success and experience then branched out to provide its services to a wide range of sectors including hotels, Spas, restaurants and individuals, offering flexible working hours seven days a week for the convenience of any business.

The Savoy Laundry team is always striving for innovation and abiding by customers' feedback to reach the utmost success nationwide.
Among the services that Savoy Industrial Laundry provides to its clients:

*House laundry (Linen)
*Food and beverage (Linen)
*Kitchen Laundry
*Staff uniform
*Guest laundry
*Dry Cleaning
laundries in lebanon
Telephone Numbers:
*01 83 60 36
*01 83 70 37
*71 55 04 50

Customer Services Email:


Beirut Jnah - Ahmad El Soloh Street - Nariz Building